Monday, March 9, 2009

Dear friends, family, and visitors,

I've been neglecting you lately, I know.  First, I'm in a new relationship.  I haven't been in a relationship like this in many years.  It actually started on-line, but we've spent almost all our time together for the past two weeks.  Old relationship wasn't working out anymore.  It sure has been exciting.  Sometimes I think it isn't going to work, but then I spend some time working out the kinks, and it's fantastic again.  Everyone, I want you to meet the apple of my eye, my new laptop:
Thank you Ebay!  Don't worry, we can still hang out.  As a matter of fact, I hope this little iBook G4 will help us spend more time together.  I'm actually working 0n-line right now, while riding the train.  This hasn't come without some pain, mind you, getting this Wi-Fi/Airport Express/keychain password relationship worked out.  Never mind -- I love you iBook!

Second, the weather was BEAUTIFUL this weekend!  It was 60 and sunny both days.  We played and walked and sat around and stood talking to the neighbors ALL weekend long.  I think all that fresh air tired us all out, because last night we were all ready for bed, even though we had lost an hour to daylight savings time.  I almost didn't notice the blizzard on the way to work this morning.  OK, I totally didn and it was depressing, but it's ok, because we have the seeds for our new vegetable garden at home, and Spring is coming.  

Love always,