Thursday, April 30, 2009

Funny things kids say

C was cleaning when Pippa had an accident in the house (my fault for neglecting to take her out).  Already frustrated, C exclaimed "Now why did the friggin' dog pee in the house!"  Teddy was right there, immediately picked up the word he had never heard before and started practising it to commit it to memory.  "The friggin dog peed!  Friggin dog. Friggin' dog? Friggin' dog!"  C had to turn to him and say "Um, Teddy, that's not a good word.  I shouldn't have said that.  Let's not use that word any more, ok?"  

Ah, that's how kids make us better people.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Finding Nemo

I have a question: is it bad to use your kids to gamble?  

The reason I ask is that I think Troy is psychic, and I want to make him pick Lottery numbers for me.  How do I know he's psychic?  Last Friday night, on the way to the pet store to pick out a hamster (for his birthday), I suggested he should think about some possible names.  After only a moment's thought he announced he had decided on "Nemo" (from the Pixar movie "Finding Nemo," which we've watched repeatedly).

Nemo is a perfectly nice Golden Hamster with a twitchy nose and beady black eyes -- and an amazing ability to get out of his cage.  Every morning we come downstairs in a state of anticipation, wondering where he will be.  Being quite clever, it only took us a few days to start adding security to the several little doors on his cage.  Apparently, hamsters are quite clever, too, or at least persistent, and rubber bands and tape have so far not deterred him.  

So what I want to know is: how did Troy know we would be spending every morning FINDING NEMO?!? I'm going to go pick up some Lottery tickets.