Saturday, August 28, 2010

On the bunting train

I've been seeing photos of hand made bunting, bunting how-to's, and bunting for sale all over the internet lately. Crochet, vintage hankies, paper, anything you can think of.

I was skeptical, though. Why? Where do you put it? Then, I saw bunting made out of felted wool circles (here). I was interested, but not won over, yet. Then I saw some in real life, on the big screened-in porch of my sister's beautiful sea-side house, and it looked fabulous (you can just see it in this picture, hanging across the porch door, here).
When I got home, I looked around, and seeing the bare windows of our sun room, it struck me -- they need bunting, of course! I'm sure you guessed that I would pick the wool circles.