Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Funny story

I already posted this on Facebook, but for you old-fashioned blog-readers, here it is again.

I was triying to explain to Troy what I do for work, which took a while, because it involved explaining the whole legal system, when  C walked in.

C: If anyone asks you, I am an artist, and I take care of you.

Me:  That's a lot easier! (meaning a lot easier to explain)

Troy (eyes wide in indignation): It is not easier, Mommy.  Daddy has to spend all day cleaning the house!

I'm not sure what that says about us, but it sure made me laugh!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Back to school

I just watched Troy get on the bus for his first day of first grade.  I took one photo with my cell phone, but he wasn't really in a photo taking mood.  He's a bit nervous, especially since his parents blew it and forgot about the "meet the teacher" day on Monday, so he's never seen his teacher and doesn't know where he's going.  I was glad to see, though, that when faced with a situation like this, he sets his jaw and moves forward.  I feel like a mother bird, pushing her baby out of the nest, and  I even suggested to C that he could put Teddy in the car and go watch Troy go into the school. 

 I know he'll be fine.  He even gave us a smile and a wave as the bus pulled away.

P.S.  I folded his collar of his polo shirt down as we left the house, but he folded it back up again, just the way he likes it.