Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Back to school

I just watched Troy get on the bus for his first day of first grade.  I took one photo with my cell phone, but he wasn't really in a photo taking mood.  He's a bit nervous, especially since his parents blew it and forgot about the "meet the teacher" day on Monday, so he's never seen his teacher and doesn't know where he's going.  I was glad to see, though, that when faced with a situation like this, he sets his jaw and moves forward.  I feel like a mother bird, pushing her baby out of the nest, and  I even suggested to C that he could put Teddy in the car and go watch Troy go into the school. 

 I know he'll be fine.  He even gave us a smile and a wave as the bus pulled away.

P.S.  I folded his collar of his polo shirt down as we left the house, but he folded it back up again, just the way he likes it.  

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