Sunday, August 16, 2009

Not A Baby Any More

Yesterday we celebrated Teddy's fourth birthday with a barbeque in the back yard.  All the cousins were here, as were aunties and uncles and friends and neighbors.  It was hot out, but the yard is shady, and the kids played in the baby pool we had set up.  Thanks to a very generous little boy named Charlie who had outgrown it and wanted to give it away, Teddy got a swing set in the back yard for his birthday.  The kids had fun playing on it for much of the day.  Here he is modeling the sweater he got from Oma and Opa

Four years old is definitely "big boy" territory (although there's still plenty of crying and whining going on).  He's one of the kids now.

Another big birthday just passed, too, although I'm not sure exactly when.  Pippa turned two some time this week.  (When I adopted her, I was told she was eight weeks old, but had she turned eight weeks that day?  Several days earlier?  It was unclear, so I made her birthday the same as Max's, August 9.)  Look at this picture of her this morning.

Those of you who know her, will see the significance -- she's SLEEPING.  In her bed, during the day.  I was actually walking around from room to room, and she was lying in her bed SLEEPING!

She's been doing this lately, just in the past week.   This puppy has been stuck to me like velcro for two years, jumping up to follow me from room to room, barely closing her eyes when I'm around, so a few times I've actually gotten concerned when I noticed she wasn't underfoot and gone looking for her, only to find her lying in her bed. *Sigh* My babies are growing up!!

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