Monday, August 3, 2009


Recently, I was in a group who was asked what our hobbies are.  One woman said she has no hobbies.  Then, I heard on of Massachusetts's female Supreme Judicial Court justices speak, and she basically said she has spent all her time, her whole adult life, working.

I'm torn.  It makes sense that to be really successful at something, you need to focus your time and energy.  When I think about actually doing it, though, it sounds so dull and . . . sad.

I taught myself how to play the harmonica.  I don't know why.  We had some for the boys, and I picked up one of theirs one day, and then I got curious and looked up how to play on the internet.  Then I bought a "real" harmonica and a book . . .   

I didn't practice yesterday, though, because I was busy making felted-wool stuffed animals out of recycled sweaters.  I got a bunch in great colors from Goodwill, and I use buttons from my collection for the eyes.  I had to stop, though -- time to go to work.

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Opa said...

It seems to me that you already had a hobby - making stuff out of other stuff! By the way, my hobby is insisting that I don't have a hobby.