Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Well, that's over

There was shopping, baking, wrapping, snow, partying, and playing.  The week before Christmas, I went across the street to a friends' Wrapping Party, which is a fun way to get some wrapping done.  I made cookies for a cookie swap at work, and then took the assorted cookies to the Clapps' Christmas Eve party.  We made a Gingerbread house that didn't turn out too great, but the cookies tasted good.  We opened presents at home on Xmas morning, and then drove to Maine for the day, where we ate a big lunch and opened more presents.  The next 3 days we spent hanging around, relaxing, and playing with our new toys.  The Hyperdash game is fun, and Troy likes the spelling game "What's Gnu".  Teddy likes his CD player and his sock monkey.  They both look super cute in their new PJs and white, fluffy robes.  

But Troy said it best: "the best thing about Christmas isn't the presents; the best thing is spending time with my family!"

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