Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What is it with this summer?

What is it with this summer?  I'm feeling distinctly discontented this summer.  Last year, we went down to the Cape a bunch of times, and it seemed so fun.  Every Friday, we'd pile into the car, grab some pizza and eat on the way down there.  We'd spend some time on the beach, have a couple of meals out on the deck, and head back home on Sunday.  There didn't seem to be any crowds or traffic, and the sun was almost always shining.  This year, every drive has been tortuously long and hot (as the air conditioner in our car became feeble and then died).  It's usually cloudy, and when the sun comes out, it stays just long enough to lure you to the beach before being suffocated by clouds again.  When it's hot, the beaches are crowded, and when it's raining, everyone gets in their cars and sits on Route 28.  

On the other hand, the boys are learning to swim in the little pool in the back yard.  It's still nice to sit out on the deck, and there's nothing like an outdoor shower after a crowded, hot afternoon at the beach.  As Troy said last Saturday, "It sure is relaxing here." I think we'll go back next weekend . . .  

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