Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Disco dancing and jack-o-lanterns

Hello everyone,

On Saturday we went to two birthday parties.  T1 and I had fun at
 his friend's sixth birthday party, with parachute games, cake and ice cream.  That night all got to go for a friend's 40th birthday at the Bowl-O-Mat, with a disco ball, black light, 80's music and pizza:

The kids loved it, from the bowling to the disco dancing, to the pizza.  We took it easy on Sunday, though.  We all have a cold, and were feeling a little cranky.  We did manage to carve some pumpkins and go for a walk, and found a boat for Opa:

Happy sailing.


1 comment:

Sarah Clapp said...

I'm glad you guys had fun! We were so glad you could all be there.

I find carving pumpkins a pain in the a--.

But they are cute when they are done and have the candles in them.