Saturday, October 4, 2008


Dear Friends, Family, and Visitors,

We went to the Topsfield Fair today, a real country fair with a Honey Queen, musicians, magicians, prizes for the biggest pumpkin, best carrots, best sheep, etc., and amusement rides.  

T1 liked the roller-coaster (the kids' one, that wiggles, bumps and has one hill.  He's not that brave, yet.) T2 liked the fire trucks and the antique horse-drawn sleigh (just like in his favorites song, jingle bells, which Daddy has to sing to him every night).  

The biggest impression on C and me?  The magic trick of making the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$, fly out of our pockets!  $8 for parking, $24 entrance, $5 for 6 apple cider donuts, $20 for four of us to go on two rides, $2 for the game where you throw a football toward a target and miss, $22.50 for two corn dogs, a hamburger, a sausage and one small soda (I brought drinks for the kids and snacks and peanut butter sandwiches, but you can't go to the fair and not get a corn dog and a sausage).  But you know what was priceless?  Seeing baby pigs sleep.

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Sarah Clapp said...

We always get free tickets from Rich's work, and we never ride the rides. So we end up getting out of there each year for short money.