Thursday, November 20, 2008

The First Joke, Ever

(First, an informational note: I'm tired of using T1 and T2 for the boys.  It seems so impersonal; plus it's awkward to always have to type numbers.   I still want to keep some anonymity on the 'web, though, so I'm going to go for Anakin and Luke, their favorite Star Wars characters instead.  OK?  OK.)

Anyway, Anakin made up his first real joke tonight.  Pippa was licking his face which he loves.  "She's a lick-er!"  he said, giggling.  Then, turning to me, he said,  "Maybe she went to the . . . Licker store!"  *silly grin*

(And no comments, please, about why the phrase "liquor store" is on the tip of my 5-year-old's tongue.)


Anonymous said...

Now it is proven: "Punning" runs in the family. Don't ask me why the liquor store is at the top of his mind...ask his other grandpa! Dad

Sarah Clapp said...

It's probably all the vodka you drink. bahaha

Christmas Eve party is on!! See you there!