Monday, January 12, 2009

Another weekend snowstorm

We got several inches of snow on Saturday night, on top of the icy layer of snow still on the ground.  We've come to really enjoy these snowy days, forced to stay home and find ways to amuse ourselves, having time to bake bread and playing in the snow.  
The roads were snowy, so we didn't want to drive anywhere to go sledding.  Instead we made a little ramp in the backyard and pushed the boys the 40 feet to the bottom of the yard.
Troy got snow in his collar and went inside after a few minutes, but Teddy had fun for over an hour.  I got a good workout, too, shoveling snow, packing the run, and running after the sled. It's so satisfying to come inside and have a nice, warm lunch after some tiring fun in the snow!

Only one week until I go to Ohio for M's birthday.  I can't wait for our "Girls Weekend."

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