Sunday, January 18, 2009

Guest Blogger

Hi, This is Teddy.  Mommy went on a trip this weekend and told us we had to be good helpers while she's gone, so I'm helping her with her blog.  

Grown-ups say crazy things sometimes, though.  In the middle of dinner the other night, after I ate a lot and I was making my Celery-guy dive into the little pool of Dressing, I felt thirsty.  Mommy always says I have to use my Big Boy voice, so I said, "I want something to drink!" real loud so Mommy and Daddy could hear it, except I think I might have accidentally said "I want something to eat," but celery-guy kept wanting to jump from higher and higher, so I can't remember.  "Aaaaaaaah!" That was Celery guy jumping.  

I know she heard me, though, because when I said:

"I want something to eat!" 

She said: "Oka-a-ay . . .   How about I make you a sandwich with bacon and lettuce and tomato -- like the half-eaten one on your plate in front of you?"

I think she was trying to be funny, but grown-ups always tell me it's yucky when I put food in my drink, so I said: "No! That would be disgusting!" 

Celery Guy: "Aaaaaaaaaaaaah!"

Mommy:  "What's disgusting about about it?"

Me: "Because you don't want to have it when you put food in it!"

Mommy: "You want me to  make a sandwich that doesn't have any food in it?"  Her eyebrows were up high so they make those lines on her forehead.

Me: (using lots of words and moving my hands around like grownups do when they try to explain things) "No, not the food in the sandwich that you're eating it, it's when you don't want to have it for drinking because you're thirsty!"

Mommy: "Oh! you're thirsty; you want something to drink! Why didn't you say so?"

Celery Guy: "AAAAAaaaah."  

I don't know why she would think I was hungry, when I already ate lots of bites of my dinner; grownups make everything so difficult!  I hope she doesn't say crazy stuff like that to her friends this weekend, or they might send her back early.

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