Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Teaching, Tweets, and Turkey Turnovers

I had a busy few weeks there, which I definitely like better than when work is slow. I am proud to say that I did a big mediation by myself (with the client there) and it went really well. It didn't settle, but that was not unexpected. I also gave a speech to a group of lawyers about social networking and blogging (as it relates to legal marketing). That was fun and gave me an excuse to learn all about Twitter and the related applications. Now I'm hooked, and spending all my extra time hanging out with my "Tweople" instead of "you people" (Sean, are you reading this?)

The thing I like about both the mediation and the panel talk was the teaching aspect of it. I still get super nervous before-hand, but I still love it. I think it's like sky-diving is for other people -- that's how I get my thrills. I know; that's weird.

In between I took the boys and went to Heidi's for the weekend for a "leave daddy home alone" weekend (remember, there used to be Girls' Weekend?) It was quick but fun. Always so relaxing to be there. I made dinner for them: Turkey Turnovers. Ask me for the recipe. It's soooo good.

Love always,

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