Monday, July 26, 2010


A few weeks ago, we re-arranged some furniture, cleared out the living room (including removing the area rug) and removed one settee from the sun porch. This space used to be the "play room," but over time had devolved into toy and shoe storage area. I decided the boys are old enough now that they can go upstairs to their room to get whatever toys they want to play with, so I moved most of them out of this room, and got rid of the series of small baskets that used to hold their little shoes and slippers and gloves. I moved this armchair into the sunroom and made a slipcover for it out of some white fabric I had on hand (the upholstery is dark blue and green, and getting very worn). As you might guess from the picture, the inspiration for all this was that I was looking for a spot for my vintage, granny-square pillow! In any case, this is also the entry-way, which now looks a lot neater when you first come into the house, and I have a nice sunny corner to sit for a few minutes in the mornings, read, and drink my coffee.

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